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Schreiben an Serge betreffs der Enstchuldigung von Habor  19.5.2005


Dear  Sergej


Many thanks for your E mail. Iris and I spook together about the next step for the Ukraine.


Look at the link information about last trip.

We will see a letter from Mr. Habor, in which he tells us sorry for the situation with our people.

You know, Iris, Arno and I was been in Ushgorod December 2005. In our paper the information is that about the social material, our organization KFKOK can tell witch place to spend. Mr. Habor forbidden us to spend only a little material to the Romas people and this, Sergej, we never accept any time in our life. Mr. Habor spook he will phone to the police if we spend material to the romas and this, Sergej, is for us an horror thinking if a state Chef can think this way. Sergej, we spend material to different place witch the people don’t need. But the Romas walk with cold temperatures outside with out heating and frozen. But our organisation witch spook in December with the Governeuor for to spend some materials to the Romans, the social Organisation chance other letter for the send material and move this.

Our spend letter tell this. Mr. Habor moves this letter not like our letter.

Sergej, we are very angry. This way our organisation can not work any time with an group of peoples, witch tell us an the beginning this, and same days later move every  thing, over our head an play for our spending material the Chef.

Thursday we send an letter an the government from Switzerland and an many place from EU and ask, to help for the Ukrainian Government chance the rule with 8 year old cars. But the problem Habor and us, is not a problem with the government, this is an problem with the character. Our Organisation KFKOK International don’t accept the Ukraine’s Government if they don’t speak the thru.

Sergej, please tell us, if Mr. Habor make a sorry letter or not. If not, we think how we arrange our future.

Many tanks and the best regards from Switzerland

Sorry for my bad English.

Hans-Peter Widmer
President of Organisation

KFKOK International Obersumfpstrasse 11

CH 5745 Safenwil  Switzerland

 Tel 0041 62 7524260

Fax 0041 62 7524861

Mail hanspeter@widmers.info

Website   www.kfkok.com



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